Music Curriculum for Bristol

Welcome to the Bristol Music Curriculum.

The Bristol Music Curriculum is a new website that has been developed by Bristol Beacon in consultation with teachers and in partnership with schools. Here you will find a range of resources that span Primary and Secondary and tailored to Bristol Schools.

Our award winning Primary Curriculum: Get on Board was launched in the Autumn of 2015 and is now used in schools across Bristol and surrounding areas.

Dip into the website to find all you need to embed music into your broad and balanced music curriculum.  Whether you are a class teacher looking for inspiration for lessons or a music specialist looking for an integrated scheme of work that shows progression of skills and knowledge from EYFS through KS1 and all the way through KS2 – this website is for you.

Once you’ve registered on the website you will have access to all the resources, plans, links to videos and songs and the ability to search for a key word or topic – all absolutely free.

In addition, if you have a Bristol Musical Schools membership we can offer further support to help you embed this scheme within your school.  Our specialist Music Teachers can offer INSET training, lead staff meetings or teach observed lessons.  We can also help with reviewing your current provision of music in relation to the Ofsted ‘Broad and Balanced’ framework and help with preparation for a ‘Deep Dive’.

Our Secondary Curriculum launched in Autumn 2017, in consultation with teachers and tailored to Bristol Secondary Schools.   The first phase of lesson plans have been developed by leading industry specialists. The schemes have been split into themes,  A Pathway to a Piece and Wallace and Gromit Film Music Unit is currently live.

We welcome your feedback as we develop the website and add further content, but please contact if you need further information or to discuss the Bristol Musical Schools membership.

Discover the full range of resources on the Bristol Music Curriculum website and get inspired here!

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