Bristol Beacon Musical Schools

We know that music is a powerful tool when placed at the heart of schools – that’s true now more than ever.

We believe that engagement with music is the key to well-being, personal and academic achievement and fostering a positive relationship with the world.

Being a Bristol Beacon Musical School means you will have the resources and tools you need to bring music to life in your school.  Whether you are already a musical school or just starting out on the journey, the Bristol Beacon Musical Schools membership aims to support all schools in the city to achieve musical excellence.

Our award-winning programme supports schools through a range of high-quality curriculum resources, enrichment activities and teacher training opportunities. We work closely with Department for Education, Ofsted, Arts Council England and industry organisations across the music education sector to make sure we are at the cutting edge of best practice in musical teaching and learning. Our experienced and knowledgeable team are here to support music in your school.

Further highlights and booking information for the membership packages are outlined below.

For Primary Schools   

Download the full offer for Primary Schools hereBristol Beacon Musical Schools – Primary

Once you’ve had a chance to consider which Membership plan is most appropriate for your school, please submit your application on the Bristol Beacon Musical Schools Application – Primary

Instrumental lessons

We can manage the administration of instrumental lessons for you, from initial enquiry to timetabling tutors and billing parents.  This means no more outstanding fees!  If you’re happy to continue managing music lessons in your school choose Membership A.  If you would like us to do this for you choose Membership B.

  • Membership A schools – book instrumental lessons on the Music Tuition Booking Form 2021-22
  • Membership B – please contact to discuss the registration process

Whole Class Ensemble Tuition

Whole Class Ensemble Tuition – book WCET sessions FREE for one year group and the options to extend to other year groups via the online WCET Booking Form 2021-22

For Secondary Schools & Special Schools

See the full offer for Secondary schools below, here we outline how we will be providing music education for the academic year 2021-22 and the investment we are able to make available to all secondary schools.

Download the full offer for Secondary Schools hereBristol Beacon Musical Schools – Secondary

Once you’ve had a chance to consider which Membership plan is most appropriate for your school, please submit your application on the Bristol Beacon Musical Schools Application – Secondary

The membership programme for Secondary Schools will buy your school:

      • Over £1,500 of investment, which includes £900 to spend on whatever music education activities the school requires, such as instruments or teacher time for ensembles or clubs.
      • It also buys the school the leading online music education software, Focus on Sound PRO, which gives every pupil and up to 7 teachers a licence.
      • In addition, it provides access to the SpeedAdmin management information system, enabling us to manage the administration, billing and timetabling of music lessons effectively for the school.
      • We will also provide free music lessons and instruments for children in care and children with SEND.

    We hope that by presenting the music education offer in this way we aim to make it easy for schools to make a commitment to music and to give every child the opportunity to engage in music either through enrichment activities or through the curriculum.

    If you have any queries or need further advice please contact Chris Green, Education Programme Manager on


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