Stop Everything and Sing Live – KS2

KS2-Live! Singers and Primary Orchestra – We Can Be Heroes!

We are very excited about this first combined event for singers and players in your schools.  We are delighted that our good friend, Naomi Wilkinson from CBBC, will once again be joining us.  There will be an opportunity for some of the children to tell Naomi who their Superhero has been during this year… more details about that later!

The event will follow the pattern of our Schools’ Summer concerts, with a rehearsal in May and a live event in June.  We have chosen a selection of songs and orchestral pieces for your KS2 Singers and any pupils who would like to participate in the Primary Orchestra (any age, but confident to hold their own instrumental line).

Below you will find resources for:

Bristol Schools KS2 Singers

  • Power in the Music
  • One and a Million
  • Power in Me
  • I am the Earth
  • One Call Away

Music for Primary Orchestra Players

  • Over the Rainbow
  • I am the Earth
  • One Call Away

Key dates

The Online rehearsal will take place on Tuesday 18 May, 1.30-3.00pm

KS2-Live! will take place on Tuesday 29 June, 1.30-3.00pm (live stream, 1.45-2.45pm)

Bristol Schools KS2 Singers

Power In The Music

Power In the Music – Performance track

Power In The Music – Backing track

Power In The Music – Teaching track

One And A Million

One And A Million – Performance Track Part 1

One And A Million – Performance Track Part 2

One And A Million – Backing Track

One And A Million – Teaching Track

Power In Me

Power In Me – Performance track

Power In Me – Backing track

Power In Me – Teaching Track

I Am The Earth

I Am The Earth – Performance Track

I Am The Earth – Part 1

I Am The Earth – Part 2

I Am The Earth – Backing Track

I Am The Earth – Teaching Track

One Call Away

One Call Away – Performance Track

One Call Away – Backing Track

Music for Primary Orchestra Players

This is a fun and exciting opportunity for any child in KS1 or KS2 to participate in our first virtual Primary Orchestra.  Children should be confident enough to play their own instrumental line and the pieces have been specially arranged, so parts are available from easy to more challenging for all levels of ability.

Over the Rainbow scores:

Somewhere over the Rainbow

The two other pieces are arranged in 4 parts and we suggest they are suitable for the following instruments, but if you need anything in a different key, adjusted range, or more challenging, please contact

Part 1: Flute/Violin

Part 2: Oboe/Violin

Part 3: Violin

Part 4: Cello/Bassoon/Bass/Trombone

P3 in Bb: Clarinet/Cornet

P3 in Bass clef – more challenging cello or possibly trombone/bassoon

One Call Away scores:

One Call Away

I am the Earth scores:

I am the Earth

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