One Bristol Curriculum

Bristol Music Trust are pleased to be supporting and providing funding to the steering group of the One Bristol Curriculum to develop a new local curriculum which helps teach the diverse and representative history of Bristol and its communities. They join other local charities, such as The Nisbet Trust, in providing support.

Over the years Bristol has seen many contributors putting forward excellent publications and resources telling this story, but there has not been a cohesive effort to diversify the curriculum and represent the histories of BAME communities until now.

Stemming from the Runnymede report ‘Bristol: a city divided?’, a new city-wide collective impact movement has risen. The One Bristol Curriculum project sees local arts practitioners and historians working together with schools and teachers to create a curriculum that integrates the full history of Bristol and the UK.

The lesson plans created during this project will be available as a comprehensive online resource for teachers to use to bring alive their subjects and get children to investigate how different African, Caribbean and Asian communities have contributed to knowledge creation, innovation and experience in the UK and beyond.

The One Bristol Curriculum group are commissioning projects to draw on local knowledge and expertise in partnership with teachers and academics in order to embed a more complete picture of our city’s history, geography and legacy into the curriculum for children in Bristol.

See the impact the curriculum is already having in Bristol from the students themselves in this short film.

The One Bristol Curriculum is actively seeking input from teachers and schools. Check out the video and PDF leaflet in the downloads section below, and register your interest as an individual teacher, school governor or on behalf of your school by emailing:

The development of the One Bristol Curriculum is supported by Bristol Music Trust and other funders including The Nisbet Trust.