There are many different types of plucked instruments and the guitar family covers just about every genre. Each type demands a slightly different discipline so be sure to ask for advice on choosing the right one.

  • ‘Classical Spanish’ – Traditional classical guitar is rooted in the heart of Spain and uses a guitar with nylon strings and a hollow body. Repertoire ranges from early music to modern contemporary classical music and adopts rhythms and techniques found in flamenco.
  • Acoustic – Has steel strings and focuses on the instrument as an accompaniment to the voice and is for players that want to explore folk, pop and acoustic based music.
  • Electric – Has steel strings and relies on amplification to make a loud sound! Can be heard in rock, pop, funk and jazz.

We’re changing

On Wednesday 23 September 2020 Colston Hall changed its name to Bristol Beacon, and this means we’re changing too.

Bristol Plays Music is run by Bristol Music Trust, the charity that also runs the venue formerly known as Colston Hall. These two organisations will soon unite under one name: Bristol Beacon.

Click below to find out more about how we’re changing, watch our name announcement, and discover how we want everyone to share in the joy of live music.

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