Research and Advocacy

BPM provides a research and advocacy function working with Ofsted, Department for Education and Arts Council England in making the case for music education nationally and locally. This work has an important impact in Bristol as we make the case for increased funding in the South West with and on behalf of hub partners.

BPM’s comprehensive review of music education in Bristol was launched in 2017. Everyone involved in music education, at whatever level, stands to gain from an improved evidence based understanding of the environment. Whilst there will already be pockets of geographic or programme specific evidence this research should enhance collective impact work and support organisations:

  • To target work more effectively
  • To evidence need
  • To make the case for funding

A Review of Youth Music and Music Education in Bristol

Partner Organisations
Real Ideas Organisation (RiO)Bristol Cultural Education Partnership, Creative Youth Network, Sound Connections, University of Bristol, UWE

Consultation participants (amongst others)
Creative Youth Network, Basement Studio, St George’s, Gathering Voices, Superact, ACE CIC, Knowle West Media Centre, Drake Music, OpenUp Music, Trinity Centre, Studio 7, Bris Arts, Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, Bristol Jazz & Blues Festival, Asian Arts Agency, Tomorrow’s Warriors.

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