The Inclusive Practitioner – 3


As part of A New Ambition for Inclusive Excellence, Bristol Plays Music (BPM) is offering FREE opportunities for tutors and music leaders to participate in CPD related to raising the quality of musical activities to all children and young people. It is fully funded by Youth Music through the A New Ambition for Inclusive Excellence programme run by BPM


We are able to offer free places music leaders delivering musical activities through A New Ambition. Any remaining places we would like to go to tutors or teachers who are committed to developing their skills and understanding of working inclusively.

This is the final chance to take up a FREE* opportunity to take part in this highly informative six day intensive course, each session taking place from 10 – 4pm and designed to give music practitioners:

  • A thorough understanding of inclusive music practice so they have an understanding of the reasons behind the work and why it is especially suited to those working in community music or non-formal music education contexts.
  • Practical ways of developing and deepening engagement.
  • An understanding of reflective practice and why it is an important tool in inclusion and to enable them to deepen their commitment to this way of working.
  • An opportunity to focus on issues of progression in a broad sense and encourage musicians to identify potential musical pathways of their participants.
  • Strategies to manage behaviour effectively within groups.
  • An understanding of different styles of leadership.
Introduction to Inclusive Practice Monday 2 October ‘17
Effective Engagement Monday 6 November ‘17
Leadership and Group Work Monday 11 December ‘17
Behaviour Management Monday 15 January ‘18
Reflective Practice Monday 5 February ‘18
Progression Monday 5 March ‘18

Outcomes: At the end of the six days the musicians will:

  • Have a range of different ways to engage children and young people in music activity.
  • Be able to develop sessions where every child has an equal opportunity to learn create and progress.
  • Feel more assured with reflective practice – why it is important and how to develop it both on their own and with others.
  • Understand the complexities of progression and devise ways to enable their participants to move forward in musical knowledge, musical performance and in sustaining and developing their music beyond the session.
  • Understand elements of group theory and when to use different leadership styles.
  • The course will be led by experienced music leader Phil Mullen

Phil is a Community Musician, trainer and music education consultant, working across the globe to further the idea that participating in music is something everyone can do regardless of age, ability or background. He has trained musicians to work in non-formal settings both in Universities and at grass roots level.

He has 28 years’ experience in Community Music practice running projects with marginalised groups, including seniors, people with intellectual challenges, young people with behavioural problems, offenders, homeless people, people with mental health issues, and communities in conflict.

In addition he advises organisations and policy makers on inclusive musical practice working both as a consultant and evaluator for organisations involved in music provision.

*This course is fully funded by Youth Music through A New Ambition for Inclusive Excellence managed by Bristol Plays Music.

All sessions will be interactive involving the musicians in discussion, questioning, role play and other activities. In addition there will be some PowerPoint presentations on different aspects of inclusive practice.

Reflections from last year’s participants:

“I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and felt it was exceptionally well facilitated.”

“Excellent, thought provoking and directly useful.”

“Really good to have contact with group with different experiences/backgrounds/skills etc.”

To book a place please complete the participant information sheet below and return to: Jacqui Haigh, BPM Music Inclusion Senior Coordinator

Participant Information and Booking Sheet

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